Name Research fields Research Interest
Abderemane-Ali, Fayal Ion channel macromolecular complexes in neuronal and cardiac channelopathies
Adhikari, Avishek Neural control of emotional behaviors, with a focus on fear and anxiety
Aharoni, Daniel Tool and technique development for neuro-behavioral research
Ajijola, Olujimi A. Cardiac Neurobiology, Neuroplasticity after cardiac injury, Neural Control of Cardiopulmonary Function
Akin, Orkun Role of neural activity in brain development and synapse formation
Andrews, Anne Serotonin & Anxiety
Arac, Ahmet Mechanisms of motor behavior and neural activity relationship
Arnold, Arthur Sexual Differentiation of the Brain
Askary, Amjad Lineage and cell fate specification in the mammalian retina
Balliu, Brunilda Genetic basis of neuropsychiatric traits in humans.
Bari, Ausaf Invasive Human Brain Mapping for Reward, Addiction, Decision-Making and Motor Control
Barnes, Steven A. Ion Channel Biophysics in the Retina: Vision, Neurons, Circuits and Metabolism
Bearden, Carrie Neurodevelopmental Disorders; Cognition, Neuroimaging and Genetics of Mood Disorders and Psychosis
Bhaduri, Aparna Regulation of cell fate specification in normal human cortical development and glioblastoma, using single-cell approaches and cortical organoid models.
Bilder, Robert Neuropsychology and Neuroimaging
Bisley, James Cognitive Processing of Visual Information; Guidance of Eye Movements
Bitan, Gal Neurodegenerative Diseases
Black, Douglas Post-transcriptional Gene Regulation in Neurons
Blair, Hugh Tad Learning and Memory; Neural Computation
Blaisdell, Aaron Learning and Behavior
Blank, Idan Language comprehension and its relation to high-level cognition
Bookheimer, Susan Functional Neuroimaging of Language and Memory
Brecha, Nicholas Neurochemical Pathways in the Vertebrate Retina
Bronstein, Jeff Molecular Biology of Glia and Glial Tumors
Buonomano, Dean Neural Dynamics: Neural Basis of Learning and Temporal Processing
Butler, Samantha Generating and regenerating neural circuitry in the spinal cord
Cahill, Catherine Chronic pain and opioid addiction
Carmichael Jr., Stanley Neuroplasticity After Brain Injury
Chandler, Scott Neuronal Mechanisms Controlling Jaw Movement
Charles, Andrew Cellular and pharmacological mechanisms of migraine and pain
Churchland, Anne Sensory perception and decision-making.
Clewett, David Cognitive and neural mechanisms of emotional memory in humans
Colwell, Christopher Neural Control of Behavior, Circadian Rhythms
Cooper, Ziva Neurobiology of cannabis, cannabinoids, and endocannabinoids
Correa, Stephanie Neural control of energy homeostasis, estrogen signaling, neuroendocrinology
Cramer, Steven C. Neural plasticity after stroke in humans
Cross, Kathryn Neural mechanisms of gait and movement dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease & other movement disorders
Daboussi, Lydia Mechanisms of Plasticity for Neural Repair
Dapretto, Mirella Neuroimaging/imaging genetics of language and social cognition in typical and atypical development (emphasis on adolescence and autism spectrum disorders); cultural neuroscience
De Biase, Lindsay Influence of microglial cells on normal and pathological circuit function
de la Torre-Ubieta, Luis Mechanisms of human neocortical development and neuropsychiatric disease using neural stem cell models and bioinformatic approaches.
Dean, Andrew Neuropsychology of Addictions
Demer, Joseph Ocular Motor System, Vestibular System
DeNardo, Laura Assembly and function of neural circuits underlying adaptive behaviors
Deng, Sophie X. Development of cell-based therapies that regenerate the cornea and restore vision
Deters, Kacie Risk factors for cognitive decline and dementia in Black individuals
Dickson, Patricia Neurodegeneration
Dipoppa, Mario Computational principles governing cortical brain functions
Dong, Hong Wei Construction of the whole mouse brain wiring diagram
Donlea, Jeffrey M. Sleep regulation, learning and memory
Edgerton, V. Reggie Neural Control of Movement and Neuromuscular Plasticity
Ellingson, Benjamin Neuro-Oncology Neuroimaging & Neuroimaging in Complex Neuropathologies
Engel Jr., Jerome Neurobiology of Epilepsy
Evans, Christopher Opioid Systems
Fanselow, Michael Learning, Memory and Emotion
Faull, Kym Mass Spectrometry in the Biological Sciences including Proteomics
Feldman, Jack Properties of Neurons Resulting in Behavior
Field, Greg Systems neuroscience, visual processing, retinal neurophysiology, neural degeneration
Flint, Jonathan Genetic basis of anxiety and depression in animal models and in humans
Fogel, Brent Exploring the Molecular Basis of Neurodevelopmental and Neurodegenerative Disease
Freimer, Nelson Identifying Genes that Contribute to Predisposition to Complex Human Phenotypes
Fried, Itzhak The Neuronal Basis of Human Memory; Ameliorating Memory Dysfunction with Stimulation
Frye, Mark Cross-Modal Sensory Fusion and Sensory-Motor Integration
Galvan, Adriana Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
Geschwind, Daniel Neurogenetics, Systems Biology of Neurodevelopmental (e.g. Autism) and Neurodegenerative Disorders (Dementia and Ataxia)
Giza, Christopher Developmental Traumatic Brain Injury and Neuroplasticity
Glanzman, David Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
Golshani, Peyman Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Epilepsies
Gomez-Pinilla, Fernando Mechanisms of Neural Repair
Gorin, Michael Molecular Genetics and Mechanisms of Retinal Disorders
Green, Shulamite Sensory, cognitive, and affective neurodevelopment across clinical groups (e.g., autism, anxiety disorders, early life adversity)
Guo, Ming Studying Mechanisms of Neurodegenerative Disorders in Drosophila
Guo, Zhefeng Structural Biology of Amyloid-Related Neurodegenerative Diseases
Hallem, Elissa Olfactory Behavior in Free-living and Parasitic Nematodes
Harper, Ronald Neural Mechanisms in Sleep State
Harris, Neil Plasticity after Traumatic Brain Injury
Hartenstein, Volker Brain Development in Drosophila
Hernandez, Leanna Psychiatric genetics, neuroimaging, neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., autism, schizophrenia, ADHD)
Hinman, Jason Cellular and molecular mechanisms at the interface between stroke and dementia
Ho, Tiffany Adolescent stress, neurodevelopment, and depression
Hoftman, Gil Understanding psychosis risk using neuroimaging and genetics
Hong, Weizhe Neural Mechanisms of Social Behavior
Houser, Carolyn Morphological Organization and Plasticity of the GABA System; Neurochemical Anatomy of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Hsiao, Elaine Neurobiology of disease, neuroimmunology, microbiome-nervous system interactions
Huk, Alex Neural computations underlying vision, cognition, and action
Iacoboni, Marco Non Invasive Human Systems Neuroscience
Irwin, Michael Psychoneuroimmunology
Izquierdo, Alicia Neuroscience of Decision making; Addiction
Kagan, Bruce Neurotoxicity Caused by Channel Forming Toxins
Kao, Jonathan Computational systems neuroscience and neural engineering
Kaufman, Daniel Therapeutics for diabetes and neurological disease
Khakh, Baljit Ion Channels, Glia and Synapses
Knowlton, Barbara Neural Substrates of Higher Cognitive Functions
Kornblum, Harley Neural Stem Cells and Brain Tumors
Krantz, David Using Drosophila to Study Neurotransmitter Transport, Synaptic Transmission, Behavior and Disease
Kumar, Rajesh Neural control of autonomic, breathing, and cognitive functions.
Lai, Albert Pharmacogenomics of Glioblastoma Response to Therapy
Lavretsky, Helen Understanding neurobiology of resilience and aging in mood and cognitive disorders
Leuchter, Andrew Neurophysiology of Depression; Neurophysiologic Predictors of Treatment Outcome
Levine, Michael Neurophysiological Mechanisms Underlying Neurodegenerative Disorders
Liau, Linda Experimental Therapeutics for Brain Tumors
Liu, Zili How People See and Why They See The Way They Do?
London, Edythe Neuroimaging Brain Function in Addictive and Other Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Loo, Sandra Gene-Brain-Behavior Pathways in Childhood Psychiatric Disorders
Lu, Daniel Regenerative Treatment
MacKenzie-Graham, Allan Understanding and preventing neurodegeneration
Maidment, Nigel Neuropharmacology of Substance Abuse
Martin, Kelsey Cell Biology of Learning-related Synaptic Plasticity
Masmanidis, Sotiris Neural circuits of reward learning and motor control, addiction, movement disorders
Massaly, Nicolas Neurocircuits underlying pain affect, rewarding and aversive properties of stimuli, and substance use disorders
Mathern, Gary Biological Mechanisms Linked to Epilepsy
Mathews, Paul Mechanisms of learning and memory, motor coordination
Mayer, Emeran Neurobiology of Stress, Pain and Emotion
Mazziotta, John Neuroimaging, Brain Mapping
McCracken, James Anxiety Disorders; Pediatric Psychopharmacology
Mehta, Mayank Computational and Systems Neuroscience, Learning and Memory, Sleep, Neural Oscillations, Neural Coding
Mendizabal, Adys Study of social and structural determinants of health and its impact in neurological outcomes: Health Disparities in Huntington’s Disease and Adverse Childhood Experiences across different neurological conditions
Metzner, Walter Behavioral Neuroscience (Neuroethology)
Micevych, Paul Reproductive Neuroendocrinology, Neuroprotection, Pain
Mody, Istvan Synaptic Signaling in Health and Disease
Monti, Martin Disorders of consciousness (Coma, Vegetative State, Minimally Conscious State); Language and thought; Neuroimaging; Brain Stimulation
Narins, Peter Auditory Neurophysiology, Mechanics and Behavior
Narr, Katherine Applied Neurobiological Imaging
Nathanson, David Research and drug development for malignant brain tumors
Novitch, Bennett Regulation of Stem and Progenitor Cell Specification and Differentiation in the Vertebrate Central Nervous System
Nurmi, Erika Pharmacogenomic factors in treatment of autisim, ADHD, anxiety and depression
O'Dell, Thomas Synaptic and Molecular Mechanisms in Learning and Memory Formation
Olcese, Riccardo Molecular Physiology of Ion Channels
Olde Loohuis, Loes The identification of genetic and environmental variables that contribute to the cause and course of psychiatric illness
Ophoff, Roel Human Genetic Studies of Neuropsychiatric Traits
Papazian, Diane Voltage Gated K Channels: Functional Mechanisms and Role in Neurodevelopment and Neurodegeneration
Paul, Ketema Sleep regulatory mechanisms
Peng, Chao Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Peng, Yi-Rong Genetic Dissection of Retinal Circuits
Petersen, Nicole Translational neuroimaging and human neuroendocrinology
Phelps, Patricia Neuronal Development - Cell Migration and Axon Outgrowth
Piri, Natik Retinal Ganglion Cells and Optic Neuropathies
Poe, Gina Investigating the mechanisms by which sleep traits serve learning and memory consolidation
Portera-Cailliau, Carlos Imaging the Assembly and Plasticity of Cortical Circuits with Two Photon Microscopy
Prins, Mayumi Lynn Pediatric Response to Traumatic Brain Injury
Ray, Lara Genetics of Addiction Etiology and Treatment
Rexach, Jessica Immune regulators of neurodegeneration; systems biology, functional genomics, experimental disease modeling
Ringach, Dario Visual Neurophysiology and Perception
Rissman, Jesse Cognitive and neural mechanisms of memory formation and retrieval in humans
Sagasti, Alvaro Development of Complex Cell Shapes in Zebrafish Touch-Sensing Neurons
Samarasinghe, Ranmal Neural network formation and dysfunction in epilepsy and autism; stem cell models; brain organoids
Sampath, Alapakkam Retinal Physiology and Visual Performance
Schlinger, Barney Steroid Synthesis and Action in the Vertebrate CNS
Schweizer, Felix Molecular Mechanisms and Regulation of Synaptic Transmission
Shah, Pavak Synaptogenesis, circuit assembly and the cellular basis of neural dynamics.
Shams, Ladan Multi-Sensory Integration; Perceptual Learning; Adaptation
Shivkumar, Kalyanam Catheter Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmias, Autonomic Regulation of Myocardial Excitability
Sicotte, Nancy Neurodegenerative Disorders
Siegel, Jerome Sleep, Motor Control
Silva, Alcino Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Learning and Memory
Smith, Desmond Functional Neurogenomics
Sofroniew, Michael Neural Injury and Repair
Spigelman, Igor Neuropharmacology
Sternini, Catia The “Brain in the Gut” and Taste Receptors
Sun, Yi The Molecular Control of Neural Stem Cell Proliferation and Differentiation
Suthana, Nanthia Neuromodulation and Neuroimaging of Human Learning and Memory
Trachtenberg, Joshua Understanding Cortical Plasticity from Synapses to Circuits
Uddin, Lucina Brain connectivity and cognition in typical and atypical development
Voskuhl, Rhonda Neuroimmunology, Neuroendocrinology and Neuroprotection
Wassum, Kate Behavioral Neuroscience, Learning and Behavior, Addiction
Wayne, Nancy Mechanisms Regulating Reproductive-Neuron Physiology
Wells, Michael Discovery of autism disease mechanisms using mixed-donor human stem cell villages
White, Stephanie Social Influences on Learning and Memory
Wikenheiser, Andrew Understanding how neural representations guide behavior
Wilke, Scott Role of prefrontal cortex circuits in adaptive and maladaptive decision making
Williams, David Retinal Cell Biology, Sensory Neuroscience, Neurodegeneration
Woods, Roger Structural and Functional Brain Imaging
Yang, X. William Mouse Genetic Approach to Study the Pathogenesis of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Yang, Xian-Jie Development and Diseases of the Vertebrate Neural Retina
Zeiger, William Investigating mechanisms of cortical circuit dysfunction in mouse models of neurologic diseases
Zhang, Chuchu Neural mechanisms of internal sensations i.e. how we feel inside our body, with a focus on the molecular and circuit mechanisms of nausea.
Zhang, Ye Glia biology in health and disease
Zheng, Jie J. Therapeutic development in ophthalmology
Zhou, Z. Hong Studies structures of synaptic receptors, neuronal infections and neurodegenerative diseases by cryo electron microscopy (cryoEM).
Zipursky, Larry S. Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Neuronal Circuit Assembly