Certificate Program

Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Neurogenomics

Neuroscience Interdepartmental PhD Program (NSIDP)
Department of Neurology, Clinical Neurogenomics Research Center
UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

Program Overview

It is becoming more common for investigations into neurological disease to include discussions of genomic data. For graduate students interested in focusing on these aspects of neurological disease and human health, an understanding of the depth of this knowledge is essential. Developing skills in these areas, bridging concepts across arenas such as neurology, genetics, and bioinformatics will prepare graduate students to navigate and contribute to this rapidly advancing field and better position them to take advantage of opportunities available in other overlapping disciplines.

This certificate programs aims to bring graduate students together across the Department of Neurology, the NSIDP, and other related campus departments, to highlight their dedication to advancement and growth in this important area of study. By fostering a shared curriculum and connecting students via joint educational activities, this certificate program will provide a home for students with mutual research interests as well as an opportunity to receive recognition for their interest and training in developing an expertise in Neurogenomics. To facilitate these goals, the certificate program will be based within the Department of Neurology’s Clinical Neurogenomics Research Center, providing students with additional opportunities for education and discussion across these topics.

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To view curriculum requirements for the certificate, please visit the UCLA Neurology website.