About Us

The NSIDP is directed by the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Program. For more information about the NSIDP, explore the website! 

For questions or comments, please contact the UCLA neuroscience graduate office at neurophd@mednet.ucla.edu .


Felix Schweizer, Chair

Chair: Felix E. Schweizer,

ext. 4-5733

Tom O'Dell

Vice-Chair: Tom O'Dell,

Graduate Advisor: Jenny Lee

ext. 5-8153

Felix Schweizer, Chair

Aftin Whitten, M.S.
Undergraduate Counselor & Assistant Graduate Program Coordinator

(310) 206-4407


  • NSIDP Committee. 15 faculty and 2 students. Advises the chair and oversees the operation of the ProgramNSIDP Membership Committee. 3 faculty. Evaulates faculty who want to become members of the NSIDP
  • Executive Committee: 5 faculty. Consists of the chairs of the standing committees
  • Admissions Committee. 7 faculty and 2 students. Reviews applications for admission, organizes recruitment days, interviews applicants, and decides who will be admitted to the program
  • Advising Committee. 4 faculty. Meets with students to offer advice on progress
  • Curriculum Committee. 4 faculty and 1 student. Makes recommendations about changes to curricular content. Decides on student petitions to allow courses to be taken for credit.
  • Recruitment Committee. 4 faculty and 2 students. Helps to organize recruitment weekends  
  • Written Qualifying Exam Committee. 3 faculty. Designs and administers the written qualifying exam to be taken at the beginning of the second year.
  • Website committee. Chair, SAO and 4 students. Suggests and implements changes to the NSIDP website
  • Student Retreat committee. 5 students. Plans, organizes and conducts the yearly NSIDP retreat.