Need Help?

Tool and Guide to UCLA Resources and Communities

Counseling and Advising

If you do have any problem at UCLA whatsoever, please do feel free to come to the Chair's office any time (CHS 63-323; phone 310-794-5733).

Members of the entry advising committee are open to talk with you anytime.

The advising committee is open at any time as individuals or as group to hear complaints, thoughts or concerns of individuals or groups.

The current members of the advising committee are:

  • David Krantz, Committee Chair
  • Elaine Hsiao
  • Tom O'Dell
  • Felix Schweizer
  • Kate Wassum

Consider contacting the Behavioral Wellness Center (BWC) for confidential counseling. They are located in CHS 18-218 and can be reached at (310) 825-9605.

Graduate Division also has put together a helpful list of further help that the campus organizes called Campus Resources.

Another important resource is UCLA Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).

Diversity and Discrimination

UCLA and the NSIDP are committed to maintaining an equal learning and working environment. If you have, or believe to have, witnessed an act of discrimination, please either contact the NSIDP Chair or advising committee or the Equity Office at 310-794-1232.

The local equity advisors are:

  • Medicine Lynn Gordon 310-794-2095
  • Life Science Elizabeth Bjork 310-825-6935
  • Graduate Education Carlos Grijalva 310-825-8277

Wellness related resources (as of Summer 2018)

Behavioral Wellness Center (BWC)

Consider contacting the Behavioral Wellness Center for confidential counseling. They are located in CHS 18-218 and can be reached at (310) 825-9605.

  • Psychiatric consultation
  • Short-term individual psychotherapy
  • Information about community based services and resources
  • Wellness programming (i.e. stress management, self-care for success, building resiliency)

You can make an appointment online. There is no copay. You are covered through your SHIP and this is available to you since you are part of the DGSOM.

UCLA Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

(310) 825-0768 24/7 Crisis Counseling phone support.

CAPS offers a variety of services and workshops. Please visit their website or you can take a walk over to their offices to check out resources they have available, it’s a nice walk over to the west side of the John Wooden Center.

Financial Wellness Program

Support in navigating your finances. There are peer counselors and workshops that support topics related to financial wellness. There are also personal tools on the website i.e. budgeting, goal setting.


Search tool for various scholarship and fellowships for graduate students.

Community Food Closet

Food and personal items are available free of charge for students. The food closet is located in the Student Activities Center Level 1, East Wing. The hours are M-F 8-6pm.

Grand Challenge: Depression

There are some great resources on this site and they have an e-newsletter you can sign-up.


There are summer classes going on now. Did you know you can also rent things like bicycles and camping gear from the rec center? I believe there is a summer membership fee.

UCLA Fitwell & FitZones

These are free fitness classes around campus. The summer schedule is now available.

A listing of some free Summer events:

Perhaps one of these wellness resources will be helpful to you or you know of someone that might need a little nudge or someone to ask them to do one of these things with them.