Computational and Systems Neuroscience

The Computational and Systems Neuroscience FAR encompasses several synergistic levels of investigation ranging from computational models of brain function, to measurement and perturbation of brain activity during behavior, and interactions between modeling and experiments. Students will join a vibrant research community interested in understanding the brain’s dynamics at the systems level using a combination of computational and experimental approaches.

List of Faculty:

Adhikari, Avishek Neural control of emotional behaviors, with a focus on fear and anxiety
Arac, Ahmet Mechanisms of motor behavior and neural activity relationship
Basso, Michele A. Reserach on how the brain makes decisions and how these processes go awry in diseases
Bisley, James Cognitive Processing of Visual Information; Guidance of Eye Movements
Blair, Hugh Tad Learning and Memory; Neural Computation
Buonomano, Dean Neural Dynamics: Neural Basis of Learning and Temporal Processing
Churchland, Anne Sensory perception and decision-making.
Golshani, Peyman Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Epilepsies
Hong, Weizhe Neural Mechanisms of Social Behavior
Kao, Jonathan Computational systems neuroscience and neural engineering
Masmanidis, Sotiris Neural circuits of reward learning and motor control, addiction, movement disorders
Mehta, Mayank Computational and Systems Neuroscience, Learning and Memory, Sleep, Neural Oscillations, Neural Coding
Monti, Martin Disorders of consciousness (Coma, Vegetative State, Minimally Conscious State); Language and thought; Neuroimaging; Brain Stimulation
Poe, Gina Investigating the mechanisms by which sleep traits serve learning and memory consolidation
Portera-Cailliau, Carlos Imaging the Assembly and Plasticity of Cortical Circuits with Two Photon Microscopy
Ringach, Dario Visual Neurophysiology and Perception
Samarasinghe, Ranmal Neural network formation and dysfunction in epilepsy and autism; stem cell models; brain organoids
Sharpe, Melissa J. The neural bases of how we learn from our unique experience and how this goes wrong in psychopathology
Suthana, Nanthia Neuromodulation and Neuroimaging of Human Learning and Memory
Trachtenberg, Joshua Understanding Cortical Plasticity from Synapses to Circuits
Wikenheiser, Andrew Understanding how neural representations guide behavior