Phelps, Patricia


Professor, Integrative Biology and Physiology

Member, Brain Research Institute

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Contact Information

Lab Number: (310) 825-8108
Office Phone Number: (310) 825-7264

Laboratory Address:

Terasaki Life Science Building
610 Charles Young Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Work Address:

610 Charles Young Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Research Interests

Spinal cord injury and spinal cord development

Spinal cord injury and axon regeneration; Neuronal development and migration


A selected list of publications:

Khankan, R.R., I.B. Wanner, and P.E. Phelps   Olfactory ensheathing cell-neurite alignment enhances neurite outgrowth in scar-like cultures, Experimental Neurology, 2015; 269: 93-101.
Abadesco, A., M. Cilluffo, G.M. Yvone, E.M. Carpenter, B.W. Howell, and P.E. Phelps   Novel Disabled-1-expressing neurons identified in adult brain and spinal cord, European Journal of Neuroscience , 2014; 39: 579-592.
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