Blank, Idan


Assistant Professor, Psychology

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A selected list of publications:

Fedorenko Evelina, Blank Idan Asher, Siegelman Matthew, Mineroff Zachary   Lack of selectivity for syntax relative to word meanings throughout the language network Cognition, 2020; 203: 104348.
Shain Cory, Blank Idan Asher, van Schijndel Marten, Schuler William, Fedorenko Evelina   fMRI reveals language-specific predictive coding during naturalistic sentence comprehension Neuropsychologia, 2020; 138: 107307.
Mineroff Zachary, Blank Idan Asher, Mahowald Kyle, Fedorenko Evelina   A robust dissociation among the language, multiple demand, and default mode networks: Evidence from inter-region correlations in effect size Neuropsychologia, 2018; 119: 501-511.
Chai Lucy R, Mattar Marcelo G, Blank Idan Asher, Fedorenko Evelina, Bassett Danielle S   Functional Network Dynamics of the Language System Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991), 2016; 26(11): 4148-4159.