Black, Douglas


Professor, Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics

Contact Information

Lab Number: (310) 794-7689
Office Phone Number: (310) 794-7644

Laboratory Address:

MRL 6-567


Work Address:

MRL 6-780
CAMPUS - 951489


A selected list of publications:

Damianov Andrey, Ying Yi, Lin Chia-Ho, Lee Ji-Ann, Tran Diana, Vashisht Ajay A, Bahrami-Samani Emad, Xing Yi, Martin Kelsey C, Wohlschlegel James A, Black Douglas L   Rbfox Proteins Regulate Splicing as Part of a Large Multiprotein Complex LASR Cell, 2016; 165(3): 606-19.
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Sharma Shalini, Wongpalee Somsakul Pop, Vashisht Ajay, Wohlschlegel James A, Black Douglas L   Stem-loop 4 of U1 snRNA is essential for splicing and interacts with the U2 snRNP-specific SF3A1 protein during spliceosome assembly Genes & development, 2014; 28(22): 2518-31.
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Zheng Sika, Damoiseaux Robert, Chen Liang, Black Douglas L   A broadly applicable high-throughput screening strategy identifies new regulators of Dlg4 (Psd-95) alternative splicing Genome research, 2013; 23(6): 998-1007.
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Gehman Lauren T, Meera Pratap, Stoilov Peter, Shiue Lily, O'Brien Janelle E, Meisler Miriam H, Ares Manuel, Otis Thomas S, Black Douglas L   The splicing regulator Rbfox2 is required for both cerebellar development and mature motor function Genes & development, 2012; 26(5): 445-60.
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