Namita Padgaonkar

Entering Year: 
Thesis Lab: 

A tablet-based assessment of rhythmic ability T Zanto, N Padgaonkar, A Nourishad, A Gazzaley. Frontiers in psychology 10, 2471. 

Sex Differences in Internalizing Symptoms and Amygdala Functional Connectivity in Neurotypical Youth NT Padgaonkar, KE Lawrence, LM Hernandez, SA Green, A Galván, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 100797. 

Sex differences in functional connectivity of the salience, default mode, and central executive networks in youth with ASD KE Lawrence, LM Hernandez, HC Bowman, NT Padgaonkar, E Fuster, Cerebral Cortex. 

Imaging-genetics of sex differences in ASD: distinct effects of OXTR variants on brain connectivity LM Hernandez, KE Lawrence, NT Padgaonkar, M Inada, JN Hoekstra, Translational psychiatry 10 (1), 1-12. 


NSF GRFP 2017-18