Roni Hazim

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Hazim R., Jiang M., Esteve-Rudd J., Diemer T., Lopes VS., Williams DS. (2016). Live-cell imaging of phagosome motility in primary mouse RPE cells. Adv. Exp. Med. Biol. 854:751-755.

Williams DS., Chadha A., Hazim R*., Gibbs D. (2017). Gene therapy approaches for prevention of retinal degeneration in Usher syndrome. Nature Gene Therapy. 1-4.

*Co-First Author

Hazim RA, Karumbayaram S, Jiang M, Dimashkie A, Lopes VS, Li D, Burgess BL, Vijayaraj P, Alva-Ornelas JA, Zack JA, Kohn DB, Gomperts BN, Pyle AD, Lowry WE, Williams DS. Differentiation of RPE cells from integration-free iPS cells and their cell biological characterization. Stem Cell Research & Therapy. 2017;8:1-17.

Esteve-Rudd J, Hazim RA*, Diemer T, Paniagua AE, Volland S, Umapathy A, Williams DS. Defective phagosome motility and degradation in cell nonautonomous RPE pathogenesis of a dominant macular degeneration. PNAS. 2018;115: 5468-5473. 

*Co-first author

Hazim RA, Williams DS. Cell culture analysis of the phagocytosis of photoreceptor outer segments by primary mouse RPE cells. Methods in Molecular Biology. 2018; 63-71.



UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute Vision Research Training Grant Predoctoral Fellowship

Foundation Fighting Blindness Young Investigator Travel Award 

NIH NRSA (F31) Fellowship